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training - tap in offers optimal improvement of your handicap!

Training shorter putts

Short swing movements with continuous contact to putting rail. 

Training longer Putts

Place swing board into end caps and hole at 25 cm measure on the putting rail. The board leads the putter at longer backward and forward swings. So the putter has a steady contact to the rail and board and gets a good feeling for the swing movement.

Orientation help

Place the additional orientating plate under the putting rail and fix it in the corresponding holes and clips. In the reflecting surface you can verify your position to the ball. Parallel pointing can be controlled by the rail.

Chipping technique

Fix swing boards and check your individual distance on the rail scale. Put it in the chipping green pointing to the goal. Chip the ball to the flag keeping sufficient distance to the rail. The boards prevent the putter's slipping off. The rail controls the parallel guidance to the goal.